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Book a Design Home Consultation to discuss how we work to achieve your design. Claim your free, no obligation Dream Home Design Consultation. One of our master builders can show you how you can save tens of thousands. Custom designed, completed on time, within budget and without having to cut out any must have inclusions.

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Build Your Dream Home Without Going Over Budget, With A Custom Design And 100% Fixed Pricing

Save on the design plans for your luxury new home by not having to pay a single cent for an architect. Allaro Homes designs your custom home entirely in-house using advanced software. We can design your home faster than any other builder in the area.

You receive our fixed price quote to build your home within the quote cost. We know our pricing model is ‘down to the dollar’ accurate. That means you never need to worry about unexpected surprises. Receive a fixed price quote from Allaro Homes to build your dream home - with no obligation and before even signing a contract.

Claim Your No Obligation 60 Minute Custom Dream Home Design Consultation

Claim your free Dream Home Design Consultation with one of our master builders. Drawing on our 130+ years experience, we can walk you through the exact steps to building your dream home. Everything completed within budget and without having to cut out any must have inclusions.

We'll show you how you can have an architecturally designed luxury home without the price tag, saving you thousands!

Discover the most common mistakes to avoid when choosing a design and a builder that can cause you months of delays and frustration - and how to avoid them.

Custom Home Builders In Cairns And Townsville

You’re In Safe Hands With The Most Experienced, Most Trusted, Most Awarded Builder In North Queensland

You will not find a builder who understands your North Queensland home design and building requirements better than Allaro Homes. We understand everything about the North Queensland area when it comes to building such as including the climate, the site analysis, the cyclones, the cliffside landscaping and much more.

The Cavallaro family is Allaro Homes and we are North Queenslanders just like you. We’ve been involved in the home building industry in NQ for 130+ years. Even ex-builders and real estate agents choose to build with Allaro Homes.

Tradition And Technology Combined

Yes, we’ve been building in Far North Queensland for over 130 years. Although that means we hold traditional values as house builders in Cairns, it by no means implies that we’re stuck in the past.

We embrace technology and use the latest software to provide the best service we can for all our clients. Combined with the traditional values that come from being a long-established family business, we’re able to build high quality North Queensland Homes that exceed our client expectations.

A Home That’s Right For You

Our traditional values mean we have the highest regard for all our clients and treat them with utmost respect. We listen carefully to our clients individual needs and make dream homes happen. We are long established home builders in Cairns and Townsville because each house we create is a home our clients want to live in.

Many house builders have a range of standard designs that you can take as they are or, at best, make some minor changes. We know that’s not good enough for our clients wanting custom homes in Cairns and Townsville that meet all their needs — have the floor plan and features matching their north Queensland lifestyle, their block, their family, have the sustainability elements that save on energy costs and the environment, and are visually appealing both inside and out.

The only way we can achieve these aims as builders in North Queensland is by designing each home from scratch so that it matches our client’s dreams. If you choose an Allaro Home, it will be your home, and we want it to be one you’ll cherish for many years to come, not someone elses standard design.

Once the design is approved, we’ll build the house from the best materials and with the highest standard of workmanship. We’ll keep you fully informed at every stage because we know the personal investment you have in the your new home.

Using Technology To Build The Best Homes

As custom home builders, we’re very aware of how important each of our new homes are to each individual new owner. Therefore, we do everything we can to ensure a perfect outcome, and that includes investing in technology.

We don’t use technology for the sake of it but because it benefits our clients in several ways including:

  • providing a virtual reality experience of your design so you can ‘walk’ through and around the property before it’s built
  • being able to easily and quickly change details on-the-fly, should you decide there are certain aspects you want to improve
  • giving you transparent costings so you can make informed and comfortable financial decisions

The technology, which has been developed specifically by us, enables us to offer a service that other new home builders in Cairns and Townsville can’t match. Combined with our policy of being honest and transparent, there will be no unexpected suprises a long the way. You know exactly what you’re getting for your investment, can picture yourself in the property before it’s built, experiencing the virtual reality feeling that gives you peace-of-mind your design is right for you.

Allaro Homes are a team of experienced professional builders in Queensland who build custom homes in Cairns & Townsville. We can offer a number of standard designs & plans, but can also create individual custom designs for your dream home. We can offer house and land packages in Townsville & Cairns. Browse our website further or contact us at Allaro Homes to learn more.

130+ years experience, North Queensland family business

$500 million + in constructed homes in Cairns and Townsville

Most awarded professional builder in North Queensland

About Allaro Homes

The family behind Allaro Homes have been involved in the North Queensland home building industry for more than 130 years. With an outstanding reputation for exceptional quality, integrity and service, Allaro Homes sets the benchmark for quality home building ensuring a first-class custom experience like no other with every home planned to perfection.

With offices in Cairns and Townsville, Allaro Homes is ready to plan your next home to perfection.


Brendan and Amy - Truly 'Planned to Perfection!

Planned to Perfection. When we think of how to describe our experience building with North Queensland’s leading Home Builder this is it!

"Our decision to build with Allaro Homes was an easy one after the feeling we got following our initial meeting with their design guru, Steve."

Nothing was too complex or too difficult and we had some ideas that certainly needed a lot of time and vision to turn into a reality. Their attention to detail is unsurpassed and their professionalism unrivaled. Everything came together perfectly, on time and within budget – what a finish, truly planned to perfection.

We're Always Updating Our Essentials Range

Our free brochure includes our 2020 range of standard home plans.

In our brochure you can find out more about;

  • The Allaro Advantage
  • View our range of Standard and Custom Designs
  • Learn more about our team
  • Tips & Tricks to know when building
  • Buying existing vs Building new

We Are Ready To Build Your Dream Home

View our online gallery of past and present Allaro Homes designs and completed homes.

Custom Home Building?

Don't want anything off the shelf? ... Get inspired with these concept home ideas.

Download this concept home designs brochure to add inspiration to your new custom home ideas.

You Save Thousands Building Your Custom Dream Home With Allaro Homes And You Get The Best Of Everything!

Most Trusted Builder In Far North Queensland - 130 Years Of History

You can confidently trust the building of your dream home to Allaro Homes - builders with the most experience. The family behind Allaro Homes have been involved in the home building industry of NQ for more than 130 years.

Peace Of Mind With HIA's and MBA's Most Awarded Professional Builder!

Imagine the peace of mind knowing you have the most awarded builder in North Queensland planning, designing and building your custom dream house. Bring your dreams of the ultimate custom built home to us - with confidence.

Instant Transparent Fixed Price Quoting Without Any Architect Fees

You still get the best of everything but for less. Save thousands thousands by not having to pay a single cent for an architect. We will design your custom home entirely inhouse using advanced 3D software that no other builder has.

Allaro Homes Leads The Way With Technology For Customer Benefits

See every detail of what your home will look like before a single brick is even laid. You will love this! Advanced 3D virtual reality technology will have you walking step-by-step through your new home as if it’s already built.

Why Choose An Allaro Home?

How Would You Like Your New Home To Feel?

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Allaro Partners

Walk Through Your Custom Designed Home Before We Build It

You will love the experience! See every stunning detail of your new home in 3D before a single brick is even laid. We invest heavily in the latest software and technology to provide you with an advanced 3D virtual reality experience.

Imagine walking step-by-step through your beautifully designed new home with rooms appearing so real before your eyes that you’ll be tempted to reach out and touch the walls! No other builder in North Queensland offers you this service.

Book Your Virtual Reality Experience With Us

Take the next step with confidence.

Embracing new design technology we are able to create truly unique homes. Our design specialists can help turn your dreams into reality. We offer a free design service using the latest virtual-reality software enabling us to work closely with you on achieving your design, that suits your block, family, lifestyle and budget.

Get peace of mind before you take the next step. Seeing is believing...

Forget The Horror Stories You Hear About Other Builders Not Finishing Houses

Allaro Homes is an award winning builder with a reputation as being the experts and industry leaders in North Queensland. We have been building premium homes for discerning customers for a long time. 130+ years of building industry experience in NQ.

We also have a record of over half a billion in builds to date - with over $1m/sales per month. We know what we're doing and we are the best at what we do. So we're not going to go bust on you and leave you homeless. We guarantee to complete your home before due date.

That’s peace of mind you can count on!

North Queensland Loves Allaro Homes

Have You Done A Thorough Analysis Of Your New Home Site?

At Allaro Homes we make sure we take care of all the considerations when building for our clients, including a thorough assessment and analysis of your building site.

Our complimentary site analysis of your block will include the following:

  • Solar Study
  • Prevailing Winds
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Cross Flow Ventilation

We'll also provide the new Cairns Plan overlays for:

  • Acid Sulfate Soils
  • Bushfire Hazards
  • Flood and Inundation
  • Hillslopes, Potential Landslips, and more

We're Experienced

With 130 years of experience and 4 generations of building heritage, Building Homes is in our blood.

We're On Time

Building a new home is a big undertaking. We use our years of experience to make sure our builds come in on time and on budget.

We're Award Winners

We have won several building industry awards every year since 2005. We continually win awards for design and build quality making Allaro Homes the industry leader.

We Customise

With our unique Allaro 3D Design program you can view your dream home before a single brick is laid. Our designs are fully customisable to suit your needs.

We're "With" You

We partner with our customers from concept to completion. Every step of the way you will be guided and we celebrate the milestones with you.

Buying Power

We use our bulk buying power in electrical, plumbing, cabinets and appliances to pass on saving to our customers.

We Have Many Happy Customers

Ron and Debbie - A Massive Thank You

After purchasing our land in the CBD and having an architect design our dream home, our next task was to engage a quality master builder to complete our project. We made the decision to build with Allaro Homes after receiving extremely positive feedback from many of their previous clients.

​This would be one of the best decisions we have ever made, as from our first meeting with Wayne and Jenny through to handover of our home, all our expectations were not just met but exceeded.

​Their staff have been amazing to deal with and they only engage the best subcontractors producing a very high quality home under the watchful eye of their remarkable project manager. Throughout our build we found Allaro Homes to be an exceptional builder to deal with and they definitely turned our dream into a reality. We would highly recommend them if you want a quality, trouble free build. We love our new home.

Peta and David - Never Too Much Trouble

"From the very beginning nothing was too much for the team at Allaro. From working with Steve on tweaking our design through to the selection process with Jenny, nothing was too much trouble.

Seeing our design develop from lines on a page to a 3D walk through to full scale completion was a memorable journey made even more exciting by the enthusiasm and professionalism of the entire Allaro team. We searched through many Cairns builders to find a company who had the ability to provide us with the attention to detail that our design deserved.

After experiencing the Allaro way, it has become very clear to us that when we build again it will be definitely be with Allaro. We are proud to own an Allaro home and will recommend this quality builder to anyone.

Thanks Allaro for helping our dream become reality."

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