The 7 Steps To Achieving Your Dream Home Goal

Is building your new dream home your biggest goal this year? - Here is how we help you every step of the way...

​Step 1. Creation

​Apply your creative vision to concept plans and drawings and marvel as your design leaps off the page with Allaro’s 3D visualisation software.

Step 2. VR Presentation

Use our Virtual Reality Software and visualise standing in your home before we start, ensuring your are completely satisfied with your design.

Step 3. Ignition

​You are thrilled with final concept plans and it is onto contract, deposit and finance approvals. You are on your way.

Step 4. Selections Week 1-4

Let’s turn your attention to the detail of selections, from carpet and tiles, kitchen, cabinetry, to plumbing and electrical. These are must do tasks before drafting can commence.

Step 5. Drafting Week 1-5

​Now is the time for us to detail your working drawings and prepare reports, ensuring all documentation is planned to perfection for speedy council approval.

Step 6. Approvals Week 5-9

​It is time to lodge your plans and supporting documentation for council approval. This is the final step before construction begins.

Step 7. Construction Week 10-38

​The big day has arrived to break ground. Meet your Allaro construction team on-site to commence the build journey.

Completion Week 39-40

​Move in to your dream home, designed and custom built to your home site, your family, lifestyle and budget.