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Custom Home Design
Don't Hire An Architect First

...It could cost you more than their fee.

Would you like to save thousands on your new custom home?

Here’s a valuable design tip…I know it sounds counter intuitive. But before you look for an architect to design your home, consider builders that can design it for you.

Why? Did you know 80% of architectural plans never come to fruition? An architect focuses on what a home will look like. The design. The problem is, they rarely factor in the costs. So what you end up with is a design that can quickly become very expensive to build.

We had clients recently that paid $17,000 to have their home designed with an architect, it was stunning and exactly what they wanted…..however after costing it with 3 separate builders they realised it was $100,000 over their build budget.

How can this happen? Architects are trained to be visionaries. They ‘live’ to create the ‘perfect house’. That’s what you pay them for. But, they are not always focused on the practicalities of building -- how much extra time and money certain design elements may take.

And the reality is, they get paid for the design they create whether you end up using it or not.

There is a way to fuse vision with the practicalities of building. With design efficiency, you can often achieve the same ‘design result’ for a lot less money.

Working with Allaro Homes Design Specialists and our Patented Estimating Software, that works from the design itself, will allow you to get the best of both worlds.

  • A design that is beautiful and functional
  • And a design that is affordable to build

We don’t charge for our design service (with the prerequisite being that you own the block we’re designing on) and our design specialists will work with you to get it right, they will work on every aspect of the home to get it exactly how you want it to exactly how much you want to spend.

Remember the clients we mentioned? They ended up working with our team to come up with a custom design they loved, that worked within their budget, and we are currently building their dream home.