House Designs & Plans in Townsville

p>Preparing house plans for Townsville and elsewhere is just the start of the construction process. They’re an interpretation of your dream, a statement of the house you ultimately want to create and it’s up to us to convert that dream into reality.

To make that dream come true, however, the plans themselves have to be right. They have to represent your lifestyle, your needs as a family both now and in the future, and they have to create a house you’ll be proud to own and live in.

Using House Plans to Create your Dream Home

A good place to start, when creating house designs for Townsville properties, is to assess your lifestyle and how it affects your needs. If you like to entertain, you’ll need a sizeable, well-equipped kitchen to prepare food as well as an outside barbecue area to take advantage of good weather. You’ll require the dining area to be close by with easy access to other living areas as well as a large porch, patio or pool area. An open-plan interior design will help in this respect because your guests can move easily between areas with no restrictions and no feeling of being left out or isolated.

The size of your family, both now and in the near future, will dictate the number of bedrooms and their size. The modern trend is to have plenty of bathrooms, so make sure these are well-specified and conveniently located, whether en-suite or separate.

Creating a Place for Living and Relaxing

Do you need a home office for working, a playroom for the children or grandchildren, or a den for a bit of peace and quiet? What about a games room, a laundry room, a home theatre or a guest room?

Make sure you’ve sufficient garage space for your cars, wardrobes and storage for clothes and other possessions, and places for eating breakfast and other refreshments as well as for formal dining. Have a combination of covered porches and open areas outside so you can eat in the open air whatever the weather.

A House Design for Everyone

A house can mean various things to different people. It can be a place to enjoy life with family and friends, a place to get away from work and relax or somewhere to be industrious and creative. It can serve a variety of purposes at different times and you have to create a house design that caters for all these needs.

You need to have places to eat, to socialise and relax; places to be with people or to have some privacy. Think about what you do in and around the house and create a design that will enable you to do that more and better. Above all, create a house that will be a home you’ll love to live in and that others will love to visit.

We don’t have any standard plans you can base your design on because every house we build is truly unique. But we do have lots of experience and knowledge in developing bespoke homes so we can provide as much help and advice as you need. Together, we’ll create a plan that reflects your ideas and wishes, then we’ll turn it into a home you’ll be proud of and which will enable you to enjoy the lifestyle you desire.

Allaro Homes are a team of experienced builders in Queensland who build custom homes in Cairns & Townsville. We offer a number of standard designs & plans, but can also create custom designs for you. We also have a number of house and land packages in Townsville & Cairns for you to choose from. Browse our website further or contact us to learn more.

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