House Plans & Designs in Cairns

Buying a new house is a big step, especially when it’s custom designed to meet your exact needs. And though you want your home to be unique and completely suitable for your needs, you may have to stick to a budget rather than having truly unlimited resources.

Whilst a budget may impose some restrictions and ensure a disciplined approach is adopted, it needn’t limit your home in the way it looks and fits in with your lifestyle. With our many years of experience in house building, we can ensure your new home at least meets your expectations while not putting you under pressure financially.

Ensuring House Plans for Cairns Create the Affordable Home You Want

The key to achieving your dream home within your budget is to be clear about what your main aims are and sticking to them without deviating into unnecessary areas. The completed house needs to be suitable for your lifestyle, be practicable and affordable to run, easily maintained, great to look at both inside and out, and be constructed from the highest quality materials and top class workmanship.

A significant expense when designing a bespoke home is the need to use a professional architect or designer to transform your ideas into practical reality. A cheaper alternative is to use ready-prepared plans, but that means your home won’t be unique and won’t be exactly what you want to achieve. Using Allaro Homes gives you the best of both worlds because we can design exactly the home you want at a fraction of the price of using an architect; it’s part of the overall build process rather than being an extra cost. If you don’t build the house, you don’t get charged for the plans, thats how much we back ourselves. That way there is no risk using our design service if you don’t end up building.

Custom House Designs in Cairns that Meet Your Lifestyle Needs

Decide the main things you need from the house, which may be largely determined by your lifestyle. If you entertain a lot, you’ll need plenty of indoor and outdoor spaces for your guests. If you’re sporty, you may need a lot of storage space for bikes and other equipment, while you’ll also need to be able to park or garage your cars.

Decide on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and sizes for living areas. Be realistic but also look a little into the future — you don’t want to be adding extensions soon after you move in.

Keeping things simple will definitely have a good effect on the overall price. If you incorporate plenty of gables, a complex roof design and irregular walls, they’ll all add to the cost. Any aesthetically pleasing features should largely be confined to the front of the house where they’re on general view although don’t try to save money with cheaper materials because that may be costlier in the long-term due to increased maintenance.

House Designs that Work and Look Great

If rooms that are used regularly are kept close together, possibly in an open-plan arrangement, that reduces the need for inter-connecting corridors that are wasteful of space and money. It’s all about careful planning that will improve the overall design of the home without detracting from its appearance or performance.

At Allaro Homes, We have designed and built over 300 million dollars in construction projects, that create truly stunning properties and that can be transformed into the home you want at a price you can afford. By analysing your needs as well as the plot of land where the house will be built, we can ensure everything works out as it should. No matter how big your budget, we can achieve more with it by careful and thorough house design.

Allaro Homes are a team of experienced builders in Queensland who build custom homes in Cairns & Townsville. We offer a number of standard designs & plans, but can also create custom designs for you. We also have a number of house and land packages in Townsville & Cairns for you to choose from. Browse our website further or contact us to learn more.

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